We invest in Eurasian business convergence



We are a European-Union regulated Direct Private Equity investment Fund. We act as principal in the acquisition of controlling and non-controlling interests in small and medium size non-listed companies (SMEs) with an emphasis on synergy between Europe, Russia and China.

We target growth-oriented private equity acquisitions, with a total equity transaction value between €50 and €200 millions.

We look for companies that have innovative products or services, or leading market positions, to develop mutually beneficial relationships business between Europe on one side, and Russia/China on the other side, with strong management teams capable of building shareholder value.

Our mission

  • To offer our investors investment exposure to business convergence opportunities between East and West Eurasia, via a comprehensive range of Sub-Funds targeted on specific geographic allocation, sectors and strategies.
  • To deliver superior returns to our investors with mitigated risk through (i) prime access to top Eurasian convergence investment opportunities, (ii) a proven investment strategy and (iii) a disciplined and selective investment process.

Unique opportunity to harness growth of trade between East and West Eurasia

We are proud to serve as the Private Equity hub for business actors in technology, industry and trade as well as international investment opportunities between Europe, Russia and China to generate mutual benefit of prosperity and wealth.

What differenciates us?

Investment Strategy

  • Leveraging cross-border globalization synergies between the European, Russian and Chinese economies.
  • Based on a clear-cut rational of bi-directional expansion of their business actors.


  • A strong reputation as a committed and experienced investor in these markets, and,
  • A deep understanding of the drivers for achieving our target return.

Risk mitigation

We are very concerned by risk management and generally invest in Private Equity deals, where the target companies’ real assets are either located in Europe or, if not, the assets are properties offering cash flows backed by international major tenants.

Eligibility of Shareholders – Investors

The Shares of the Fund may under no circumstances be beneficially or legally held or owned by any Person who is not a “Well-Informed Investor” pursuant to Article 2 of Chapter 1 of the SICAR Law.

Investment in the Fund is open only by private placement to selected Investors.

The Risk profile of our Fund is adapted to leading sophisticated global Investors, including top-tier corporate and public pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors, endowments, foundations, financial institutions and family offices.

Our investor list covers Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East.


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